Vania Rovisco ile Atölye ve Gösteriler

Atölye:  Strategies Regarding the Contemporary Performer – ingilizce açıklama aşağıda – dikkat : ileri seviye- ,

Yer: Çatı Stüdyo 18 Kasım 19:00-21:00 ve 19-20-21 Cuma, Cumartesi, Pazar her gün 11:30-16:00 arası

olmak üzere toplam 4 gün Katılım üyelere 60; diğer 80 TL


25 Kasım Perşembe Saat 20:00de Stüdyo Karaköyde ( Filiz Sızanlı – Vania Ravisco) – ingilizce ayrıntı aşağıda- 

26 Kasım Cuma 20:00-22:00 arası canlı enstelasyon : ” I am Yours”  – ingilizce ayrıntı aşağıda-

Çatı Stüdyoda ( Vania Ravisco – Norbert Pape )

Strategies Regarding the Contemporary Performer
by Vania Rovisco

(open to persons interested in performing arts and contemporary dance, using improvisation as a tool in their process)

 What is a performers’ role when co-creating with a director?
How is this responsibilty shared in regard to the process?
Our bodies, containers that transpose voice in motion?
How can performers direct from within?
Improvisation into Composition!
I believe that contemporary dance processes have much to gain from an intense stimulated dialogue between the outside eye – the director and the inner eye – the performer/dancer. The sense of eye in both cases is spatial, the one who finds himself in the improvisational space generating material and the one observing catching and directing material. It is in the richness of this relation that the process culminates to unfamiliar ground thus affecting the work presented.

Somehow new strategies must come into play and shake old structures of communication for other perspectives of our work to surface. 

Performance – Filiz Sızanlı Vania Rovisco

Having known one another for almost decade and still fostering energy, curiosity and desire, the meeting between Filiz Sizanlı and Vania Rovisco finally becomes a warm reality.
A clear understanding between both perfromers, is that the meeting not be reduced to merely working for the presentation on the 25.11, but to use it as a tool that will inform even more their encounter.

Stüdyo Karaköy
Denizciler caddesi, rıhtım Sokak, R işhanı No: 4 kat 5 Karaköy İstanbul
25 Kasım saat 20:00

Concept and Execution by NORBERT PAPE / VANIA ROVISCO
Live Installation

Intimacy / within distance / before oneself / allow / before another / SEX / before others /  limbs / orgiastic / communicating bodies / spring forth / that / unknown situations to surface / power within relations / deconstructed / within bodies / within space / substance: KETAMIN /  no wonder / mystery / sensual super sexual heroes / corpse-like  desires / melt into / state of eroticisim / plant potential / / fury

Yer: Çatı Südyo
Sadri Alışık Sokak  no. 33 Beyoğlu, Istanbul 
26 Kasım Cuma saat 20:00-22:00 arası

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